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We offer our expertise in brokering authentic and meaningful relationships between client and ‘tribe’ providing a breadth of service unrivaled inside any other NZ marketing and advertising agency.

From brand development or re-fresh to digital platform development and integration to staff or customers to staff culture alignment to company vision to complex community and/or tribal engagement, the common themes across our service offerings are alignment of your product or service to a burgeoning multi-tribal populous. We live at the juncture of people and behavior. For us these are mutually inclusive propositions that are at the soul of why we do, why we are Colour.


Worksite health and safety plans are now blank canvases needing to be ‘painted’ collaboratively between owner & staff.


Borne out of new Worksafe legislation placing liability for onsite accidents (and deaths) onto the owners and directors of companies,old health & safety ‘compliant’ focused cultures consisting of signage, memos, training and operating manuals should be replaced by NEW cultures valuing staff wellbeing and safety, ‘watching out for your mate’ and ensuring all staff return home to their whanau each night.

With your personal assets at risk, the stakes are too high for SME & large enterprise owners and directors NOT to take this new legislation seriously.

Culture-FitTM is a innovative uniquely kiwi ‘toolkit’ and socialisation program designed to lead staff and owners through a co-creation process developing, ‘living & breathing’ your SME work safety plan. Designed to exceed legislative requirements it will also serve to address the daily practice of diversity and inclusion (D&I). It has the tri purpose of improving productivity, retention of staff and refreshing an org brand-led culture, all the same time.

“Our Culture-Fit program is in play inside some of New Zealand's largest corporates and Govt. departments right now. Reach out to us to discuss and demonstrate some of the case studies

  • Worksafe legislative documentation
  • Staff-led Co-created Worksite Plan
  • Co-Design Facilitation and Planning
  • Organisational setting
  • Executive & Management Coaching
  • Cultural Appreciation and Training
  • Toolkit and Curricula Development

Engagement & the 5 WAI's

The population growth of Māori, Pasifika, NZ Chinese and Indian peoples is seeing more and more businesses today partnering with us to develop segmented marketing plans to reach and transact with these audiences and/or design new products and services for.

The blending and layering of these ‘tribes’ across New Zealand’s social-ecosystem coupled with technology consumption is seeing the rise of new multi-ethnic ‘tribes’ each requiring their own nuanced and tactical approach to transact with.

Our networks bleed deep inside these tribes providing reach to unrivaled insight and imagination.

  • Treaty of Waitangi and/or Te Ao Māori Integration
  • Tribal / Audience Segmentation & Planning
  • New Product / Service Development
  • Post Settlement Government Entity / Iwi Introductions and Brokering
  • Export Market Establishment
  • 5 WAI's engagement canvas

Strategic Communications

The social ‘tribes’ we play with and ‘sandboxes’ we play in sees Colour a lone agency from our industry in making a measurable difference to the New Zealand of tomorrow.

From the intergenerational welfare dependent and/or cultural purists to the politically ‘right’ leaning Grey Lynn latte’ sipping Māori, our Govt / PSGE clients trust us to synthesise through the complex socal layering their constituents live within because we too are from these tribes.

Our planners, creatives and social scientists offer genuine insights and "lived" experience into our target cohorts because we ARE the target cohorts. We know how to unify and rally our audience to a clients ‘cause’ because it needs to resonate with us.

Ko au ko koe, ko koe ko au
- “I am you, you are me”

Our ‘tribal’ esprit de corps communication methodology enables us to transition whakapapa and tupuna into contemporary contexts. This is our USP, why we are unrivaled.

  • PSGE / Enterpise Communication Strategy
  • Digital Design, Development & Integration
  • Educational Curricula Development
  • Shared Values Partner Identification & Collaboration


We create every aspect of compelling customer experiences, allowing us to craft smart, stunning ecommerce websites, guided selling apps, ubiquitous intra-tribal networks and moving internet TV content and stories and more….

  • Program / Concept Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual & Motion Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Ubiquity ‘platform’ development

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