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We offer our expertise in brokering authentic and meaningful relationships between client and ‘tribe’ providing a breadth of service unrivaled inside any other NZ marketing and advertising agency.

From brand development or re-fresh to digital platform development and integration to staff or customers to staff culture alignment to company vision to complex community and/or tribal engagement, the common themes across our service offerings are alignment of your product or service to a burgeoning multi-tribal populous. We live at the juncture of people and behavior. For us these are mutually inclusive propositions that are at the soul of why we do, why we are Colour.


Culture Fit is a modularised Te Ao Māori-led leadership program that will take your staff on a journey of self-discovery to align their purpose with your brand promise or brand values.

The success of any organisation depends on the success of the relationships between its people, its customers and its suppliers. Culture-fit re-designs the customer journey so that their needs are central to product or service design and where your staff and in particular how they view and express themselves are the reason your customers feel valued.

Settings where Culture-fit will be of immense value is any setting where humans are needing to form authentic relationships with other humans. You decide, if that’s your organisation….

“Joseph works with our practice staff teaching them how (and why) growing a trusted relationship with our Māori /Pasifika patients goes a long way to getting them to comply with my clinical advice"

GP & Practice Partner - Swanson

  • Worksafe site/staff planning
  • Sales team training
  • Telehealth / Call centre training
  • Executive & Management Coaching
  • General Health Practice Management

Engagement & Design

The population growth of Maori, Pasifika, NZ Chinese and Indian peoples is seeing more and more businesses today partnering with us to develop segmented marketing plans to reach and transact with these audiences and/or design new products and services for.

The blending and layering of these tribes across New Zealand’s social-ecosystem coupled with technology consumption is seeing the rise of new multi-ethnic ‘tribes ’each requiring their own nuanced and tactical approach to transact with.

Our networks bleed deep inside these tribes providing reach to unrivaled insight and imagination.

We understand the customer experience into each of these tribes allowing us to craft smart, stunning digital platforms & websites, ubiquitous intra-tribal networks and moving content and stories that reach, engage and activates behaviour….

  • Program / Concept Design
  • New Product / Service Design
  • Treaty of Waitangi and/or Te Ao Māori Integration
  • Tribal / Audience Segmentation & Planning
  • User Experience Design
  • Visual & Motion Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Ubiquity ‘platform ’development

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